This week is really busy for everyone involved in the NCOS Orchid Show 2020:

  •  The event organizers and volunteers, especially the Show Chair (thanks, Gary!!);
  •  The local and nearby orchid societies who are putting in exhibits;
  •  The orchid vendors, who will bring the plants for sale, as well as putting in their own exhibits;
  •  The AOS orchid judges who will be awarding ribbons and prizes;
  •  And last, but not least, the staff of Homestead Gardens.

It takes a lot of coordinated effort to make an event like this come together!!

Sunday and Monday, all of the plants must be groomed, staked and registered.  They also get individual name tags.  Check out this YouTube video for how to stake a Vanda orchid:

Tuesday and Wednesday, the staff at Homestead Gardens will make sure that the space is cleaned out and ready to go.  The event staff will bring loads of equipment from our storage space, so that all of the tables and backdrops can be set up on Wednesday.

Homestead Garden entrance
The entrance to Homestead Gardens

Three NCOS volunteers 2018 show

Thursday is probably the busiest day before the show opens.  All of the local societies, and the orchid vendors will be setting up their individual exhibits.  This is where the magic really happens.  This is both a three-dimensional puzzle, as well as a giant work of a floral arrangement.  Everything must be neatly finished off, and covered with black cloth and sheet moss.  Many exhibits will feature props of some kind, whether a smooth piece of drift wood, a glass orchidarium, or even an old-fashioned suitcase!

Fishing Creek Orchids exhibit from 2018 makes good uses of props for their exhibit.

Friday, the American Orchid Society (AOS) judges will be hard at work.  They use their many collective years of experience to decide which exhibits are the best in their class, which individual plants are best in their class, and even whether an individual plant is impressive enough to be considered for a prestigious and permanent award from the AOS!  To learn more about the AOS award system, check out this website:

Then finally, the NCOS Show will be ready for the visitors to arrive Saturday morning, starting at 10 AM!

Maryland Orchid Society exhibit from 2018
This exhibit from the MOS in 2018 won multiple awards for both individual plants and the entire exhibit.
Cattleya orchid with ribbon
This lovely Cattleya won a blue ribbon. The entire SEPOS exhibit also won a ribbon in 2018.

Best of luck to everyone exhibiting, and thanks to all the hard work and dedication by the Show Chair and event staff.  This should be an event to remember!!

See you Saturday morning!