Annual Paphiopedilum Forum

Exhibition Schedule

Exhibition Schedule

Rosette & Trophy for Best Paph Species

Classes 1-4

Class 1. Paph Species – Single Flower-Brachypetalum
Class 2. Paph Species – Single Flower-Parvisepalum
Class 3. Paph Species – Other Single Flowered
Class 4. Paph Species – Multifloral & Sequential

Rosette & Trophy for Best Paph Novelty/Primary Hybrid

Classes 5-11

Class 5. Paph Novelty & Primary Hybrid – Brachypetalum
Class 6. Paph Novelty & Primary Hybrid – Parvisepalum
Class 7. Paph Novelty & Primary Hybrid – Maudiae Type; Alba
Class 8. Paph Novelty & Primary Hybrid – Maudiae Type; Vinicolor
Class 9. Paph Novelty & Primary Hybrid – Maudiae Type; Coloratum
Class 10. Paph Novelty & Primary Hybrid – Multifloral (including sequentials)
Class 11. Paph Novelty & Primary Hybrid – Other than above

Rosette & Trophy for Best Standard/Complex Paph Hybrid

Classes 12-16

Class 12. Paph Hybrid – Standard, Complex; Whites/Blushes/Pinks
Class 13. Paph Hybrid – Standard, Complex; Greens/Yellows/Bronzes
Class 14. Paph Hybrid – Standard, Complex; Spotted
Class 15. Paph Hybrid – Standard, Complex; Red
Class 16. Paph Hybrid – Standard, Complex; Other Shades

Rosette & Trophy for Best Miniature Paph Hybrid

Miniature – Class 17

Class 17. Paph Hybrid – Miniature

Rosette & Trophy for Best Phrag Species

Class 18

Class 18. Phrag Species (includes Mexipedium)

Rosette & Trophy for Best Phrag Hybrid

Classes 19-22

Class 19. Phrag besseae-influenced Hybrid – Red, Orange
Class 20. Phrag besseae-influenced Hybrid – Other colors (e.g. Yellow, Peach, Pink, Two-toned)
Class 21. Phrag Hybrid – Miniature
Class 22. Phrag Hybrid – Other than above

Rosette & Trophy for Best Cypripedium or Selenipedium

Class 23

Class 23. Cypripedium and Selenipedium Species and Hybrids

Rosette & Trophy for Best Antique Hybrid

Class 24

Class 24. Antique Paph Hybrid – Registered in 1964 or earlier

Rosette & Trophy for Best Ugly Flower

Class 25

Class 25. Ugly Slipper Flower(s) – Potted slipper plant with naturally ugly flower(s)

Rosette only for Best Foliage of Potted Slipper Plant

Class 26

Class 26. The foliage of potted slipper plant – Plant must not be in flower



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