Jan 18 - video conference

Charles G. Wilson is our speaker this month and will provide an introduction to Bulbophyllums, their history and cultivation, with a wee bit of science, and a colorful photo romp along the way.

Charles Wilson has been an AOS member since 1981 and has been growing orchids for over 40 years. His special interests range from Bulbophyllums, Cattleyas, Coelogynes, Dendrobiums and Paphs to just about everything in between! He currently volunteers with the American Orchid Society as a member of the Species Identification Task Force and chairs the Conservation Committee.

Wilson holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in zoology and animal behavior from Oklahoma State University. He is a past president and lifetime member of the Memphis Orchid Society. He retired as Director of the Memphis Zoo in 2001.
He and his wife Susan are accredited judges with the Atlanta Judging Center. They live on a river east of Atlanta and enjoy travel, fishing and birding.

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New Beginner Orchid Series

NCOS is delighted to announce a new series that is available to members and to the public.  The Beginner Orchid Series is designed for those who have questions on growing orchids, or who have wondered how to repot and care for their new orchids, or wondered why they cannot get it rebloom. This series is the perfect place into beginning to understand how to successfully grow orchids.

The series will consist of mini-workshops of 30 minutes held over Webex. Topics that are being considered, in addition to Repotting, include Getting My Orchids to Bloom Again, What is Semi-hydro, Help, I have bugs! I think my orchid is dying, what should I do? and Questions you always wanted to ask about Orchids.

The workshops are envisioned to run twice in the Spring and in the Fall, dependent upon a potential fall show and of course the pandemic situation.  We will be announcing when registration is open on the Events page of this website and on our Facebook page, National Capital Orchid Society.

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Calendar of events

Here are some of our upcoming events:

  • Jan18, 2021 - NCOS virtual meeting:  Charles G Wilson, "Intro to Bulbophyllums"
  • Feb 22 - NCOS beginner Orchid Series: "Orchid Repotting 101: The Why's and What For's of Repotting Your Orchids"  Learn more...
  • Feb 22 - NCOS virtual meeting:  Fred Bess, "Chilean Orchids"
  • Mar 15 - NCOS virtual meeting: Greg Griffis, "The 12 Best Orchids and Growing Them"
  • Mar 20 - NCOS Paph Forum & Paph Guild:   "International Speakers Day".  Learn more...
  • Apr 19 - NCOS virtual meeting: Tom Mirenda, topic TBD
  • May 17 - NCOS virtual meeting: Clark Riley, "Orchids from Flasks, An Economical Launchpad for a Stellar Collection"
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Since 1993

The National Capital Orchid Society Welcomes you!

We are a group of orchid afficionados in the greater Washington DC area.  The group was founded in 1947 and has been going strong ever since.  We have over 120 active members in the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia.

We have 7 monthly meetings with featured speakers and a fantastic show table filled with dozens of blooming plants.  There are also several special events, including the NCOS Annual Orchid Show.

We invite you to join us and learn more about these fascinating, gorgeous plants!

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Holcoglossum kimballianum

Consider joining our society!

We welcome anyone in the area to come to our events and become actively involved in our group as a full member.  Some of the benefits of membership include:

  • Behind the scenes access to the NCOS Orchid Show, including a preview party and early access to the sales area.
  • Join us at the Summer Picnic for our plant swap and auction.
  • Pre-orders from visiting speakers who often bring plants for sale.
  • Access to a wealth of knowledge from other club members, including an email discussion group.
  • The monthly newsletter, which includes up to date information and great photos.
  • The member directory
  • Field trips to members' greenhouses and orchid nurseries in the local area.