An orchid in a deep forest sends out its fragrance even if no one is around to appreciate it.

Culture Column: Australian Dendrobiums

Dendrobium are slowly gaining popularity in the U.S.  Native to Australia (as their name implies) these plants look a little different than their non-Australian cousins.  You can tell if your plants are Aussie Dendrobiums by their distinctive starburst-shaped bloom. ...

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Culture Column: Miniature Cattleyas

There is perhaps no group of orchids more recognized by the public as orchids than Cattleyas.  Starting with that first bloom found on a plant used as shipping material in the 1800’s, this group’s large showy flowers have captured the eye of collectors the world...

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Taming Unruly Bulbophyllums

This is how I grow rambling Bulbophyllum. I am pretty stubborn though, too - the pile of pins was used several months ago to turn the new growths back into the pot. I thought I had done a good job, but it just carried on and made new growths heading straight for the...

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Sunisa’s Clay Flowers

Our final vendor this year does not grow orchids, or even sell orchids.  Sunisa Yorgason creates highly detailed and accurate sculptures of blooming orchids!  Each one is a unique creation.  These make lovely gifts for a friend or neighbor who loves orchids, but does...

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New vendors for NCOS Show 2020

We are really excited to have two new orchid vendors joining us this year:  Mt. Prospect Orchids and Silva Orchids. First, Mt. Prospect Orchids is owned and managed by Helen Hersh, and is based in New Jersey.  Here is a link to her...

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