Phrag QF Kamakailo Tyler

  (Peruflora’s flora spririt x Longiflorium)

by Suzette Agans

Orchid bud just about to open
The moment of truth – the bud starts to open!

Blooming orchids is our favorite topic, and there is a lot of anticipation when one of our plants shows that it is ready to bloom.  It can take days, weeks, or even months of waiting for the final reveal.  We will feature photos of our members’ plants coming into bloom with you in the coming weeks.  Follow us on these journeys!

Blooming ladyslipper orchid in white and light purple
Open at last!

Suzette Agans writes:

I bought this Phrag at the Slipper Forum at the National Arboretum, 3 or so years ago, I believe. I tend to buy smaller and/or less mature orchids, as they are easier on the purse.

This beauty is a first bloom for me. I’ve heard from other orchid growers that first blooms are often not so pretty or small. I usually don’t have that experience. However, I expect more (either it’s larger or more spikes) next year when it blooms again.

The author is a Federal employee who gardens inside and out.

Thanks for sharing your lovely plant with us all, Suzette!!