Dr Harold Koopowitz

We are very fortunate to have Dr. Harold Koopowitz to be the featured speaker at the January NCOS meeting!

Dr. Koopowitz is currently a Professor of Ecology at the University of California at Irvine.  He has written extensively on the taxonomy and hybridization of Paphiopedilums.  However, his horticultural interests extend to daffodils as well as bulbous and cormous plants from Africa.  There is even a hybrid Paph named after him, Paph. Harold Koopowitz, which is truly striking and majestic flower.

Paph Harold Koopowitz

He has published extensively, on both technical and more general topics.  Some of his book titles include:

  • Clivias (2010)
  • Novelty Slipper Orchids (1991), with Norito Hasegawa
  • Tropical Slipper Orchids (2008)
  • Plant Extinction: A Global Crisis (1983)
  • A Book of Days: Beautiful Roses (2009), with Norito Hasegawa
  • Orchids and their Conservation (2001)
  • Orchid Tales:  The Adventures of George and Matilda, William and Great-Aunt Bertha (2014)
  • Diamonds and Disas:  the Further Adventures of George and Matilda (2016)
  • The Emerald Orchid:  A George and Matilda Adventure (2019)

For more information, read his biography at Workman.com