Orchid plant with 3 buds
The excitement builds!

Paph Lady Isabel

(Paph rothschildianum x P. stonei)

by Jason Gebbia

Paph Lady Isabel is a classic old cross that combines two fantastic multi-floral Paph species, and it usually get the best of both parents!

First flower bud opens
Can hardly wait any longer!

Jason writes:

Paph Lady Isabel closing out her summer stay outside with a 3 bloom spike.
Great stonei influenced dorsal. This is one of my favorite Paph hybrids.
She spends the winter under lights but sure does love the summers outside.

First flower open
Looking lovely and regal

This will be even better when the 2 remaining flower buds open!  Generally, this type of Paph can hold 3 or 4 flowers open at the same time.

Usually, this strap-leaf (or multi-floral) paphs are grown in greenhouses, but Jason shows that a home grower can also succeed with these impressive plants.

Well done, Jason!

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