Speakers for Fall 2019

We are really excited for the next 3 monthly meetings!

First, we have our very own Roddy Gabel speaking to us in September.  His talk is titled “Buyer Beware!”, and the talk will focus on what to look for when you are purchasing a new plant for your collection.  This talk should be great for newer orchid growers.  Roddy used to work for the US Fish & Wildlife Service, and was involved in implementing CITES.

Roddy Gabel


In October, Mary Jo Gilsdorf from the Philadelphia area will be coming to speak to our club.  While we don’t have an exact title for this talk, we have been fortunate to have Mary Jo talk to our group before.  She has traveled extensively for orchid-related trips, and is a very engaging speaker.  More details as they become available.

Mary Jo Gilsdorf


We’re saving the best for last, though!  Fred Clark is the premier hybridizer for Catasetums, Mormodes, Cycnoches and other related orchids in the country, and possibly in the entire world.  He runs Sunset Valley Orchids, which is located in Vista California.  Fred breeds lots of other orchids, including Paphs, Cattleyas, Australian Dendrobiums, and more!  I am already saying some money to purchase the plants that he will be bringing to sell!!


We hope that you will join us for several talks that are sure to be both entertaining as well as enlightening!  Everyone is welcome – the more, the merrier!