If you have a topic of interest or someone you would like to hear speak at our monthly meeting and/or want to help guest speakers, please contact Suzette Agans, NCOS Vice-President and Program Coordinator at suzflower29@gmail.com.

2021 NCOS Monthly Meetings

April 2021

Tom Mirenda holding a purple Cattleya orchidOur April speaker is Tom Mirenda, featuring his talk Tom’s African Adventure highlighting the orchids he encountered while exploring parts of Africa.



March 2021

Photo of Greg Griffis

Our March speaker is Greg Griffis, who will speak about 12 Orchids Everyone Should Grow.  In 2015, he began working as the orchid grower at Longwood  Gardens. There he grows all of the major genera of orchids, and has been part of cultivating a collection  of terrestrial orchids from around the world, as well as many other rare and unusual orchids. 


February 2021

NCOS is pleased to present on this month's Program, Fred Bess, who will share information with us on Chilean Orchids. Chile has many rare and wonderful plant species, some found nowhere else on the planet. His main passion are plants from the southern hemisphere with emphasis on terrestrial orchids. He is currently growing a number of Chilean orchids from seed in his basement laboratory. 


January 2021

Charles G. Wilson is our speaker this month and will provide an  introduction to Bulbophyllums, their history and cultivation, with a wee bit of science, and a colorful photo romp along the way. He currently volunteers with the American Orchid Society as a member of the Species Identification Task Force and chairs the Conservation Committee. He retired as Director of the Memphis Zoo in 2001.