If you have a topic of interest or someone you would like to hear speak at our monthly meeting and/or want to help guest speakers, please contact Suzette Agans, NCOS Vice-President and Program Coordinator at suzflower29@gmail.com.


NCOS Monthly Meetings for 2020


NCOS Monthly Meetings for 2019

Monday, September 16

Speaker: Roddy Gabel

Topic: Buyer Beware


Monday, October 21

Speaker: Mary Jo Gilsdorf

Topic:  Adventures of an Orchid Judge in Brazil


Monday, November 18

Speaker: Fred Clark

Topic: “Cycnoches, Mormodes, Catasetums: recent trends”


Monday, December 9

Annual Holiday Party and business meeting



NCOS Monthly Meetings for 2018

Monday, January 29

Speaker:  Alfredo Manrique, Peru

Topic: "Orchids of Peru"


Monday, February 26

Speaker: Clark Riley

Topic:  "Cinderella's Slippers Found: The Cypripediums and Selenipediums"


Monday, March 19

Speaker: Sarah Hurdel

Topic:  "Controlling Orchid Pests for the Home Grower"


Monday, April 16

Speaker: Martin Motes, Florida

Topic: "Low Light, Temperature-Tolerant Vandas"


Monday, May 21

Speaker: Jeff Morris

Topic: "Growing Specimen Orchids"


Sunday, June 24

Summer Picnic, Auction and monthly meeting

No speaker


July and August (No Monthly Meetings)


Monday, September 17

Speaker: Peter Lin, California

Topic:  "Title TBD"


October (No regular Monthly Meeting)

Members are encouraged to attend NCOS Annual Fall Show events (October 6-8)


Monday, November 19

Speaker: Rod Midgett

Topic:  "Title TBD"


Monday, December 10

Annual Business Meeting and Holiday Party


NCOS Monthly Meetings for 2017

Monday, January 30

Speaker: Duane Erdmann 
Topic: “Restrepias”

Monday, February 27

Speaker: Barry Woolf
NCOS Member
Topic: “Taiwan Orchid Tour”

Monday, March 20

Speaker: Nancy Mountford
NCOS Member
Topic: “Orchids Dominica”

Monday, April 17

Speaker: Bill Thoms
Topic: “Bulbophyllums”

Monday, May 15

Speaker: Leon Glicenstein
Topic: “Habenarias”

Sunday, June 25

Combined Summer Picnic & Monthly Meeting 
Location: North Chevy Chase Christian Church, Chevy Chase, MD
Food, Fun, Show Table, and Camaraderie Galore!

July and August (No Monthly Meeting)

Monday, September 18

Speaker: Kim Fedderson
Topic: “TBD”

October (No regular Monthly Meeting)
Members are encouraged to attend NCOS Annual Fall Show events.

Monday, November 20

Speaker: Jay Tullos
NCOS Member
Topic: “Native Orchids of Canadian Prairie”

Monday, December 14

Combined Annual Meeting & Holiday Fête.
Brief Annual Meeting, Festive Potluck Feast, Show Table, Annual Awards Presentation, Slide Show, and Fun! Gordon Slaymaker, speaker.