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  • Learn how to grow Orchids
    If you want to learn how to grow orchids, there’s no better way to do it! Monthly meetings feature a show table with hundreds of orchids in bloom, and programs by leading experts on different types of orchids. There is also a lending library with useful and hard-to-find books and other publications.  There is also a monthly newsletter filled with great photos and up-to-date information.
  • Meet other orchid growers
    At each meeting you will have the opportunity to meet other orchid growers, many of whom are beginners. Some of our members are experts themselves and have lectured or written on orchids. Others are also photographers, artists, and floral designers interested in orchids!
  • Participate in orchid events
    The NCOS has an annual orchid auction in the spring, and an orchid show and sale in the fall. Both present opportunities to acquire choice orchids and meet with professional orchid growers. A forum devoted to slipper orchids is also held in late January. In addition, trips are organized to regional orchid shows, orchid nurseries, and to the field to see native orchids in bloom! NCOS members help organize numerous other orchid related events and activities throughout the year.


  • Yearly membership dues are only $30 per individual or $30 for joint membership (2 members at the same residence).


Meetings are held at the United States National Arboretum. See the meetings page for information on meeting times.

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