July Culture Workshop:

Learn the benefits and how-to’s of semi-hydro growing for orchids.

Saturday July 17 at 10:30 am.

Mark your calendar! Something extra this year, considering the pandemic and not meeting in-person, a summer workshop! In this 45-minute workshop, Linus Chen will demonstrate another potting method and how it can simplify the watering and care of your orchids. Also known as "semi-hydroponics," this potting technique uses plastic containers and clay pellets as a medium and works well for many varieties of orchids.

Linus Chen has been growing orchids for over 25 years, on windowsills indoors and with temperate terrestrial orchids in his yard. Linus was the former Treasurer of NCOS and has been active with NCOS for almost 20 years.

This virtual event is via Webex, to access this workshop no registration is required.


April Orchid Culture Workshop:

Help, Bugs are eating my orchids!

In this 60-minute Workshop, Sarah Hurdel, will help you figure out what is eating your orchids, as it can be tricky. Sarah will share her tips for identifying and preventing common orchid pests, including advice on choosing a treatment. This workshop is good for all orchid growers from beginner to more experienced.

About the Presenter: In less than 20 years, Sarah has gone from hobby grower to exhibitor and member of several local societies and recently added accredited AOS Judge to the list. She currently maintains a collection of over 600 orchids under lights in her basement and has received AOS award recognition for culture, flower quality, and exhibit design. Her presentations combine her love of orchids, photography, and illustration with experienced advice and a sense of humor.

This April 19 event was recorded: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/nwE_pbJgS0he5paI-gWGNGq-wCjjiibwzHwFdjZafoMfHp4VTpnkPOuRSgZ78WZe.TIOIkcWB7uIQcpVW Passcode: %+&R=9Sr